– As seen above, WWE has released a replay of the memorable WWE Intercontinental Championship match from SummerSlam 1988 between WWE Hall of Famer The Ultimate Warrior and soon-to-be Hall of Famer, The Honky Tonk Man. What started as an open challenge from The Honky Tonk Man ended with The Ultimate Warrior picking up a quick pinfall to end Honky Tonk Man’s 454-day Intercontinental Title reign.

– “The Great One” is continuing to live up to his mantra. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is officially nominated for two Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards for the film Skyscraper. The Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards will air on March 23 at 8 PM Eastern.

– WWE’s Lana is not happy with the now-infamous Ronda Rousey rant that aired through her Ronda On The Road YouTube show. In the episode, Rousey verbally drags the WWE Universe and Becky Lynch while admitting to going off script during RAW. One excerpt from the video hears Rousey saying, “It wasn’t a promo. [WWE] gave me other things to say, I didn’t f—ing say it…Wrestling is scripted, it’s made up, it’s not real. ”

Lana took to Twitter to address Rousey’s controversial comments. She first brought up concern for the children watching WWE programming, writing, “This is so embarrassing that she is making the news in Russia saying the F word! WWE teaches their WWE Superstars to be role models to children. I pride myself in how WWE Superstars carry themselves. What are we teaching children by allowing this???”

Another statement Lana had concerning the situation was simple but straightforward: “Wrestling is real. Ronda is fake.”

You can read the full tweets below: