At the end of February, The Hardys surprised fans by reuniting once again on SmackDown, defeating The Bar. The Hardys haven't teamed since Jeff Hardy went to SmackDown in last year's Superstar Shake-up while Matt Hardy has been out of regular action since last summer, dealing with back/hip/pelvis injuries.

Matt returned to the ring in great shape and in the video above explained how he achieved that through working out, diet, and getting to bed earlier.

"I chalk it up to having a regular schedule, a regular routine," Hardy said. "I tweaked some stuff with my diet plan, I had some injuries that I was dealing with, my back, hips, and pelvis. I changed the way I did some stretching and brought yoga into some things. ... I would start at 8 or 9 pm every night, I would stop eating. I get up the next morning, 8 am, I did my cardio real hard, I did my yoga and stretching hard. I work out one body part very intensely, had my first big meal and then eat very clean throughout the day, smaller portions until I get to that 8 pm threshold and then no more. I did that for about two and a half to three months and I ended up dropping 15 or 16 pounds."

With two kids, Matt said he wanted to make sure he could keep a regular routine while still spending time with them. To make sure he had the energy for all of that, he began getting into bed earlier each night.

"I love playing with my children, so the secret to that, to me, was going to bed earlier," Hardy continued. "I try to go to bed before midnight, so I can get up at 7:30, no later than 8 and get straight to my workout so I can be finished by 10 am."

Ultimately, Hardy feels like he's looking his best currently and just wants to keep up with the younger WWE Superstars in the ring.

"I think I'm in the best shape I've been in years, considering this is the 27th year doing this," Hardy said. "I have put a lot of wear and tear and beat my body up really intensely between surgeries. When it's all said and done, if I can look athletic, healthy, and hang with these young guys that's all that it's about for me."

You can check out Matt Hardy's full comments in the video above.

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