Since falling to Ronda Rousey at WWE Evolution, Nikki Bella has taken some time off from the ring to work on a variety of other projects.

Nikki hit the red carpet recently where she spoke with Reel Talker about now being part of the entertainment industry and her reaction to Daniel Bryan's heel turn and new title.

"I love it because there is so much truth to it," Nikki said of the new Daniel Bryan. "When a character has the foundation of truth of who you are, there is just so much passion and you get invested in the passion and get connected to it. Everything Bryan is saying is how he truly feels. Him changing the title, like what a heel thing to do. It's hilarious."

The Bellas don't always get the credit they deserve for their contributions to the women's revolution. But Nikki says she still feels proud at the levels that women's wrestlers have reached and that helps validate the work that she put in.

"It's like being a proud mom," Nikki said of the current state of the women's revolution. "You just watch with such pride and that's what it makes me feel. All my hard work there meant something and made a change, and continues to make a change."

Much like her ex, John Cena, Nikki continues to transition over into Hollywood and just being on red carpets like the one she was on gives her a dignified feeling that isn't always there in a wrestling ring.

"I grew up being in love with the Hollywood starlets. Crossing over more to this world and doing this glam stuff, it gives me this Marilyn Monroe feel. It kinda makes me a little soft and I like it, gives me this grace," stated Nikki.