RAW Women's Champion Ronda Rousey spoke to her official website about being in the WrestleMania 35 main event with Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair.

Rousey revealed that Paul Heyman informed her of the big news a few days ago when she texted him about a potential April Fool's joke. Heyman has been working with Rousey creatively behind-the-scenes.

"I found out from Paul Heyman," Rousey revealed. "And the reason I found out is I sent him this long text, basically saying: 'Hey, Paul, let's do an April Fool's Day joke on April Fool's Day on RAW, saying that I'm pregnant and that the women are no longer the main event in WrestleMania, because I'm out.' Then at the end of the show, we can say, "April Fool's!" Then he called me back immediately, and he said, 'Yeah, great idea and all, but they're going to announce to all major outlets and everything that the women are actually going to main event, this Monday. So we can't do your April Fool's Day joke. They're making that official, official.' I was like, oh, shoot! So yeah, Paul Heyman told me is the short version of the answer. But he told me to explain why I couldn't do my April Fool's Day joke and tell everyone I'm pregnant."

Rousey said she wasn't shocked but she was surprised by the news. She was asked if she feels like she deserves the main event spot after one year with the company, or if she's feeling a little pressure.

"No, I feel like I really do belong and I feel like I'm really happy that it's all three of us," Rousey said. "I feel like there should be as many women as part of this moment as possible because it isn't just one person's work, it really is a culmination of everyone's work to get to this point. A lot of these women have been doing a lot of work for the Women's Evolution inside the wrestling business a lot longer than I have, but I have been doing my own work for the Women's Evolution outside of wrestling much longer than they have. So everyone's been working their ass off their whole life—maybe not all in the same place—but I really think that it's great that we all get to celebrate this milestone together, and it's something that we're all sharing and it's not something that we're taking away from anybody else that was before us. It's a torch that's being passed on and passed on and passed on, and this is our little moment in the spotlight with the torch and I can't wait to see who carries it next."

Rousey was also asked if she wants to be known as Miss WrestleMania as WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels is known as Mr. WrestleMania.

"The crazy thing is I've been in more WrestleManias than any other pay-per-view," she said. "I think, if I could keep that roll of having more WrestleMania appearances than any other pay-per-view then I think if they put a 'Mrs.' on that I wouldn't say no. I am a married woman—I'm 'Mrs. WrestleMania.'"

She continued, "You know what, I feel like I'm ballsy enough at this point in my life to self-dub myself as 'Mrs. WrestleMania.'"