A Twitter user has posted a video of Ronda Rousey dissing Canada as she's leaving WWE's Live Event in Toronto earlier tonight. The video was captioned: "Holy moly. Ronda Rousey is the BADDEST B---h on the planet. She trash talks poutine, the Leafs, and Canada while leaving WWE Toronto."

In the video, featured below, the WWE RAW Women's Champion asks what other bad things she can say as she bashes Canada (with the help of fans egging her on), "Your poutine looks like vomit. The Leafs suck, you Canucks. Canucks in a derogatory sense, not the nice one." In the video, she also tells a fan, "Don't you f----ing touch me."

This comes after Rousey went on an expletive rant during the latest episode of her video blog, Ronda on the Road. In the video, she drags the WWE Universe and Becky Lynch. Rousey admitted about going off script during RAW: "It wasn't a promo. [WWE] gave me other things to say I didn't f---ing say it....None of those b------- can f---ing touch me. The end."

You can watch the video from Toronto's live event below, and the previous Ronda on the Road video is featured above: