Yesterday we asked who you thought WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle should face in his send-off at WrestleMania. His current match is against Baron Corbin, but the negative reaction could possibly cause WWE to call an audible on his opponent.

John Cena was the clear cut winner here with a storyline that is already built on the long history between the two Superstars and it would give the match a bigger overall feel. Rey Mysterio and WWE US Champion Samoa Joe were also picked, but they currently have a match with each other. Others mentioned a handful of times: Dean Ambrose and Shelton Benjamin.

Thanks to everyone who responded, here are some of the top comments.


"It would make the most sense for Cena. With Samoa Joe in the U.S title picture, AJ feuding with Orton, and Drew feuding with Roman, it would've made the most sense to have Cena vs. Kurt since Cena wouldn't have to make any appearances before WM to build it up. The story writes itself. It's similar to HBK vs. Flair."

Flying Scotsman:

"Cena - if Cena taps out. That's the only thing Cena has left to give and since there's not a young gun coming up with a submission hold for him to give the rub to, why not give it to Kurt on his way out?"


"Anyone else think it should be a smaller guy? My gut wants Cena or Joe, but he would likely have a better match with Mysterio, Balor or Mustafa."


"Not Baron Corbin!"

Chris Jericho Fan:

"Kurt Angle's final match needs to have the same feel as Ric Flair vs. Shawn Michaels, or The Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels. He deserves a great send off. He is a legend."

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