Spoilers: MLW "Intimidation Games" Chicago TV Taping Results

Wrestling Inc managing editor Nick Hausman is on-site at Cicero Stadium in Chicago, IL for tonight's MLW Intimidation Games. MLW will be filming all of tonight's action for upcoming episodes of Fusion on BeIn Sports. The action that takes place from 9-10 pm EST will air live and will feature a steel cage match between "Filthy" Tom Lawlor (c) and Low Ki for the MLW World Heavyweight Championship.


Before the opening match Jim Cornette is announced as the newest member of the MLW team. He will be doing color commentary alongside Rich Bocchini.

Match #1: Alexander Hammerstone def. Isais Velasquez via pinfall

Fun opening bout that lasted five to seven minutes. Isais is a popular local performer with Freelance Wrestling, as well as their former champion. The crowd seemed decidedly behind Hammerstone, however.

Match #2: Teddy Hart def. Myron Reed via pinfall to retain the MLW Middleweight Championship


Crowd was very into Teddy. Teddy was acting like his ribs were hurt the entire time, complete with bandages around his chest. It looked like at one point Teddy actually vomited in the ring after taking a codebreaker as well.

Match #3: Lucha Bros def. Team AAA (Taurus and Loredo Kid) via pinfall

Lucha Bros got an Elvis-esque reaction here. Very fun bout that ended with Fenix diving to the outside and landing in the front row while Pentagon got the pin. The crowd was throwing money into the crowd as the Lucha Bros made some comments to the live crowd following the bout.

There was a LONG break while the steel cage was setup. The fans got restless after half an hour and were chanting "We Want Wrestling" just before the announcer said the bout was about to happen.


Match #4: "Filthy" Tom Lawlor def. Low Ki to retain the MLW World Heavyweight Champion in a Steel Cage Match

Lawlor won the match after falling to the ground outside the cage first. Ki and Lawlor battled hanging on the outside of the cage for several minutes with neither man attempting to fall to the ground for the win. It definitely felt a little odd and one fan loudly yelled, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" before Lawlor eventually fell. Post-match Lawlor was attacked by Fatu, Simon Gotch and Josef Salaem.

Match #5: Ace Romero def. Simon Gotch by DQ

The match ended when Fatu and Salaem hit the ring to attack Romero. Salaem used a steel spike on Romero's head, busting him open and leaving him bloody in the ring. Lots of heat from the live crowd the continued post-match beatdown. Once referees were able to clear the ring EMTs tended to the bloodied Romero.

Match #6: Ricky "El Sicario" Martinez def. Air Wolf via pinfall

Very evenly paced match. Crowd was into both men but booed Martinez after the victory.

Match #7: Ace Austin def. DJZ via pinfall in a Battle Riot qualifying match

Match #8: Two enhancement talents def. Fatu and Josef Salaem via DQ

Salaem got himself disqualified for using his steel spike. He and Fatu proceeded to beat down the enhancement talents, including throwing fire at them. This was the third beat down from this duo tonight and the heat from the crowd has grown with each beat down. A fan threw a bottle of water at them and Salaem responded by throwing it back at the fans, only with the cap off sending water everywhere. At that point all the fans started throwing trash and bottles at the duo. Legit felt like a riot or something might break out. One of the enhancement talents was stretchered out.


Match #9: Daga def. Ariel Dominguez via pinfall

Fun, high-flying bout. Post-match Low Ki came out to jaw-jack with Daga and referees had to separate them.

Match #10: Puma King def. El Hijo del LA Park via pinfall

Maybe the most fun match of the night so far. Mance Warner made his way to ringside late in the bout and distracted Park. When Park turned his back Warner blasted him with a chair behind the referee's back leading to the win.

Match #11: The Hart Foundation def. MJF and Richard Holliday by DQ

The Hart Foundation were about to hit their finisher when Alexander Hammerstone hit the ring with a chair and attached Davey. Hammerstone, MJF and Holliday then beat down the Foundation to a chorus of boos. Also, not sure if Teddy is legitimately injured or not but he's been clutching his ribs all night and kept spitting up and vomiting throughout the bout.

Match #12: El Gringo Loco def. Myron Reed via pinfall

This show has now been going nearly four hours and while the crowd does seem fatigued they were still very behind Gringo. Post-match Reed appears to get into Jim Cornette's face at the commentary table for some reason.


The microphone for the ring announcer stopped working for some reason at this point and stalled the show further. The crowd is getting more than a little anxious.

Match #13: Alexander Hammerstone (w/ The Dynasty) def. Brian Pillman Jr. via pinfall

MJF takes the microphone before the match to let everyone know Teddy Hart is now back in jail. Pillman hit the ring without his music playing to jumpstart the match and it really picked the energy up. The match ended with Hammerstone hitting a devastating swinging sidewalk slam that shook the floor. Post-match The Dynasty beats down Pillman and rip his necklaces to pieces.

Match #14: LA Park def. Mance Warner in a deathmatch

The crowd was pretty dead for this. More of a "No DQ Match" and less of a deathmatch. Still a very fun overall show.