Torrie Wilson Talks Her Reaction To WWE HOF Induction, WWE Wanting To Make Ceremony Shorter

Recently on The Jim Ross Report, former WWE Superstar Torrie Wilson talked about her upcoming WWE Hall Of Fame induction. Notably, Wilson said she was surprised to get the call about the WWE Hall Of Fame. Also, Wilson talked about how far WWE's women's division has come over the years.

According to Wilson, she was surprised to get the call about her WWE Hall Of Fame induction, as she assumed WWE Talent Relations executive Mark Carrano was just calling to invite her to go to the show.

"Yes, I was [surprised about the induction]! Actually, Mark Carrano called me and I was on a retreat. And I thought he was calling me to invite me to watch the show and he kind of threw me for a little loop there." Wilson added, "yeah, I was definitely surprised!"

During the interview, Wilson shared that the biggest change in the women's division between now and her day is that the female performers did not have many role models or other women from whom to learn.

"During my time, there really wasn't a ton of women before us kind of showing us the way, so we were kind of, like, learning as we were going," Wilson recalled. "Vince [McMahon] was asking for 10s, but he wants them to be able to wrestle and all of that,
so we kind of, like, started creating our own thing. And a lot of the girls there now were young. Not to age ourselves, but they were watching us and watching us just getting in ring enough and wanting to be that. And, whereas before, we pretty much, I know for myself, I learned in front of all the fans. Like, I was thrown out there. Of course, I showed up early in practice, but basically I was learning in front of the fans."

Wilson stated that the female WWE Superstars are performing at a completely different level today. Wilson joked that she wonders if Charlotte will be able to walk at age 40.

"And these girls today have really paid their dues in wrestling schools for a long time, NXT, they're coming out of that, and their first day in WWE, they're on fire already and really good at what they're doing." Wilson continued, "they're already trained and good at what they're doing, so there's no stopping them! I watch the shows for the women these days and the old lady part of me goes, 'oh, Charlotte, is she going to be able to walk when she's 40?'"

With respect to the WWE Hall Of Fame ceremony, Wilson indicated that WWE wants to make the show shorter this year, but if she is able to get an inductor, the inductor will be a female.  

"Yeah, that's what I've been told [that WWE will cut down on inductors for the WWE Hall Of Fame]. Hopefully, they'll be able to cut down on some of the ceremony a little bit, so some of those wrestlers can get back to the hotel and sleep before the big day!" Wilson added, "yes [the inductor will be female]."

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Source: The Jim Ross Report