NXT has come a long way over the last few years and WWE's developmental brand rivals that of many wrestling promotions. It has the financial backing of WWE which isn't going anywhere, but some are still curious as to if NXT is profitable in its own right.

Triple H responded to that and also brought up some old friends hanging out at the Performance Center on a recent NXT media call with Wrestling Inc.'s Nick Hausman.

"There's a certain culture that goes into it and we want to stay true to that," Triple H said of bringing in veteran performers like Sean Waltman to help out at the Performance Center.

"Sometimes we have people who come in as just a guest coach and that's what they're looking to do. Come in for a week, impart their wisdom and go home and then we'll bring them back a month or two later and they can impart their wisdom again.

"[Waltman] did great. It was great to see him of course."

Triple H said that in addition to Waltman being there, Shawn Michaels and Scott Hall were also there filming a vignette to commemorate their WrestleMania X ladder match.

"It was like the old days for a minute," said Triple H.

NXT has grown in the product seen on TV as well as the overall scope of the brand. They recently had a big turnout in India and are expecting the same for China tryouts. Triple H talked about the size of NXT and the Performance Center as it continues its global expansion.

"The Performance Center has grown. We have at any given time in the ballpark of 100 talent in the facility and then another 30-40 in the UK," revealed Triple H. "So it's grown exponentially and a large percentage of that is international. I think 45 percent is international from 22 different countries.

He then put over the diversity of the talent in that they have people at many different experience levels and noted that "the building is full" which could explain why they are always looking to expand.

As a follow up to expansion, Triple H was asked about possibility developing another brand in the United States just as they have NXT UK overseas.

"NXT in the US does somewhere around 200 live events per year. Is there room for growth for that? Yea, but we also want to make sure it's done in a way that is profitable and not a drain. NXT is a profitable brand from the standpoint of the live events," said Triple H.

Triple H then noted that growth can come in different ways including another brand or with WWE's partnerships with other promotions like Evolve and ICW.

NXT UK had their first TakeOver event in January and many fans are wondering when the next will take place. Triple H promised that news on that front will be coming out very soon.

"They'll be announcements coming up on that shortly. I wish I could give [NXT UK] more exposure this weekend but it's such a big weekend and these things are planned a year or so in advance."

Two NXT UK stars in Pete Dunne and Walter will battle it out on the TakeOver: New York card and Triple H is sorry that the UK fans won't get to see it in person.

"I wanted to showcase the UK brand and the Pete Walter match was a perfect opportunity," revealed Triple H. "You're right it would have been an epic match for over there but that doesn't mean it won't still be or whatever we do next won't be epic. But we'll have some announcements coming up on that soon."