1-on-2 Handicap Match: Kofi Kingston vs. The Bar

We go to the ring for tonight's WWE Title match and out comes Kofi Kingston first as fans chant his name. Hamilton goes to introduce the next participant but a staffer from ringside stops him to deliver a message. Hamilton announces that the WWE Title will now be taking place later tonight as the following is just a Handicap Match. Hamilton introduces The Bar, Cesaro and Sheamus. He announces that The Bar will be wrestling at the same time in this match. Kofi shakes his head as Cesaro and Sheamus head to the ring. Saxton says Kofi was screwed again.

The bell rings and the double team begins as Kofi gets beat down. Kofi eventually fights back and out of the corner but the double team is too much. The beating continues as The Bar takes Kofi to the floor and works him over against the barrier. Kofi fights back and sends Sheamus into the ring post. Kofi brings Cesaro back into the ring and goes to the top. Fans pop as Kofi takes down Sheamus on the apron instead. Kofi goes back to the top and leaps down to Cesaro but Cesaro hits a big uppercut in mid-air.

Cesaro grabs Kofi for a big double team move as Sheamus comes off the top with a clothesline. Sheamus drops Kofi with a big Brogue Kick as a "this is boring!" chant starts up. Sheamus with another Brogue Kick. Big E and Xavier Woods run down from the back but they get dropped on the ramp by Rusev and Shinsuke Nakamura as they run out. Rusev and Nakamura deliver a Kinshasa and a Machka Kick. Back in the ring, The Bar hits a double White Noise from the top on Kofi for the pin.

Winner: The Bar

This is from our live WWE Fastlane coverage. Click here to access our full Fastlane coverage post.