WWE RAW Tag Team Champions The Revival Pose With Fan Sporting An AEW Shirt (Photo)

"The Revival's" Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder posed with a fan wearing an All Elite Wrestling sweatshirt at tonight's WWE live event in New York. One Reddit user also noted that this was the only fan that The Revival chose to take a picture with at the event.


It was previously reported in January that word backstage in WWE was that The Revival's Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder had requested a release from WWE. Nearly a month later, the duo became the WWE RAW tag team champions for their very first time, and further speculation about The Revival wanting to depart from WWE dwindled.

In a recent interview with Mirror Online, Dash Wilder explained that the previous rumors about The Revival's requests to be released weren't 100% true.

"I won't touch on it too much, but what I will say is, that it was lost in translation," Wilder stated. "There were some things that got out there that I don't think people knew the full story about. I don't think it aggravated us, it kind of gave us – again, we like to be angry. We like to be mad at things and have something to fight for. So that gave us more fuel for the fire and we were like, 'We'll have fun with the internet over that, as they don't know what's what, so we're not going to tell them otherwise.'"


Whatever their intentions, it's been noted that The Revival's contracts don't expire from WWE until April of 2020.