As noted on Thursday, there was some speculation on backstage heat for Becky Lynch and RAW Women's Champion Ronda Rousey after their war of tweets on Twitter picked up with adult language and references. Rousey also threatened to go off-script and beat "the living s--t" out of The Man. It was reported by @Wrestlevotes that WWE officials were not thrilled with some of the wording used by the two. The "word for word" language used on Thursday was not approved by WWE officials, but they are happy to have the social media feud adding to the whole storyline.

The Twitter beef continued after our coverage yesterday as Becky accused Rousey of going "full Russo" earlier in the day, which is a reference to Vince Russo. Becky wrote, "Ron Ron, you still mad, Bro? Just checking because you went full Russo earlier. Wanted to make sure you made it back okay."

Rousey responded to that tweet earlier today and issued another threat to Becky. Rousey wrote, "Lawyer up b---h, you're about to have plenty to sue me for #icanaffordit #worthit"

You can see their recent tweets below along with the full exchange at the bottom of this post:

Several WWE Superstars took to Twitter on Thursday and made fun of the Twitter war between the top two Superstars in the WWE women's division. Tyler Breeze, Rusev and Luke Harper all made light of the situation.

Breeze and Harper deleted most of their exchange but you can see screenshots below. Breeze wrote, "Cool... I guess we can say whatever we want on Twitter now..... #s--t #nice"

Breeze then tagged Harper in a tweet and wrote, "Hey @LukeHarperWWE I don't care what's supposed to happen next time I see you I'm gonna beat the s--t outta you. #nice"

Harper responded and wrote, "You should pick someone on TV next time, b---h"

You can see their tweets below:

Below is the full Rousey - Lynch exchange as of Friday afternoon: