If you missed the previous episode of Being The Elite, here's the recap.

* Young Bucks and Kenny Omega are at the United Center in Chicago to see the Chicago Bulls play. Kenny says he's a really big basketball fan, but doesn't know very much about the sport. Matt says he's just a stupid Canadian that only likes hockey and it's the worst sport.

* MJF visits Brandi Rhodes at her house to let her know Cody is actually not even mad at him, and they are somehow closer now. He calls Cody crazy and she grabs MJF by the shirt and says Cody isn't "crazy," in their house he is "f---ing insane." Brandi then kisses MJF on the cheek and walks away. MJF wonders aloud if everyone here is insane.

* SCU hanging out in New York City and says it's the worst town they've ever been in. They complain about the weather and can't wait to get back to Southern California.

* Cody is hanging out and Sammy Guevara comes in with his camera, talking about his YouTube channel. Cody isn't interested and sees through Guevara's "nice guy" image. Cody says he can spot a heel from a mile away, he knows Sammy is a good friend of Jericho and doesn't mind the heel stuff, he just doesn't want to be involved in it. Cody heads out, Sammy takes it in stride as he's just happy Jericho knows who he is.

* We see a RISE event where Kylie Rae gets jumped by a bunch of women, but the AEW roster comes out and makes the save.

* Brandi catches up with Justin Roberts (AEW Ring Announcer) in the break room and lets him know this is a safe place for him if he wants to do voice exercises. Cody then walks in and Roberts announces him like it's a wrestling event.

* Clip of Young Bucks and Kenny Omega at C2E2 where they announced they will defend their AAA World Tag Titles on the line at Double or Nothing against Pentagon Jr. and Fenix.

* Adam Page in his car, checking his mail. He gets a note from Neville who calls him a "fat arse pig" and he'll never get in shape eating so poorly. Also included is a CD with hidden camera footage of Page's home that shows Page eat half a potato chip.

* Young Bucks and Omega facetime. Omega talks about how they are in April and they've done "nothing" but "sell some t-shirts," mocking what some people have said about AEW. Omega then says the yearly budget they had, he blew it all on AEW / CEO trailer coming out tomorrow at 12 pm ET.