If you missed the previous episode of Being The Elite, here's the recap.

* Kenny Omega apparently called Cody Rhodes to Winnipeg to talk about something important, in-person. Omega is a bit stressed out due to the upcoming Fyter Fest, mainly due to figuring out The Librarian gimmick. Omega says some of the others want Peter Avalon, but Cody isn't down with a "man librarian." Kenny and Cody make a pact that they'll go with Leva Bates as The Librarian.

* Christopher Daniels and Matt Jackson talk with Peter Avalon and feel like he's the right pick for The Librarian, and he accepts.

* Sammy Guevara shows up at his Mom's to give her one of his new shirts and they exchange pleasantries. Once he heads out, mom is not a fan of the shirt (wanted an AEW one) and says this is why he's not her favorite son.

* Nick Jackson is editing the footage of Sammy and his mom, and says he feels bad to Nick, Matt could care less, switching topics. Matt and Nick then bring up how Chris Jericho called each of them a couple weeks back, trying to convince them to break up and be singles competitors. Matt says this is the longest break they've been on from wrestling and they don't feel on the same page at the moment. Matt talks about their upcoming AAA Tag Team Title match against Pentagon Jr. and Fenix at Double or Nothing and how it feels like they're the underdogs in this match. Matt says they need to prove to everyone they're still the best team in the world, Nick agrees, then shows off the newest team coming to AEW: Private Party. The duo is out of New York City and have performed in House of Hardcore.

* Joey Ryan trains in the ring as a Candice LeRae doll "watches" from the corner. Ryan seems like he's finally learning how to defend himself.

* Omega talks to someone about wanting an F-14 Tomcat (presumably for his upcoming event) and he'll pay anything to get it.

* Frankie Kazarian calls Christopher Daniels and Scorpio Sky to talk about their SCU after party and an act they have lined up for it. Sky calls Matt Jackson to tell him, Matt ignores the call. He then gets a call about the AEW business account and a number of crazy purchases including 12,000 beach balls and a $350,000 helicopter. He immediately knows it's Kenny and calls him, Omega ignores the call. Matt tries Nick and he gets ignored again. Matt then calls Adam Page and says he saw the footage of Page eating a single potato chip and that he was supposed to be "ring ready." "I hope it was worth," Matt says. Page says it was just one chip, more importantly, he's being watched and had to switches house because of it. Matt then asks him if he's full gear ready, Page says he's not. Cut to a new camera watching Page, which he notices.

* Nick says he needs to call his "old British friend," we see a phone ringing with "Dead Friend 1" as the contact.