If you missed the previous episode of Being The Elite, here's the recap.

* Cody Rhodes talking with Mr. Brickster who he thinks could fill the role of The Librarian. Offers up a $1 million contract, gets interrupted, then offers him a $1.5 million contract and Scorpio Sky walks up, wondering what Cody is doing and says that offer is way too high. Cody says to ignore him, Scorpio doesn't know anything about business and ups it to $2 million. Frankie says Cody needs to check with a whole lot of people before this can happen. Cody heads off, Frankie tells the guy the gimmick is terrible and stuff a couple bucks in his pockets. Frankie lets him know that'll be the most he makes.

* The Young Bucks talk about building a team of people who they are close to, especially those who haven't necessarily had the national audience see them. They tell a story about when they got their first big break back in 2007 and how much CIMA helped them early on in their career. Matt and Nick then announce CIMA is signed full-time to All Elite Wrestling.

* SCU at a fan signing where it costs $1000 for a photo, $500 for shirts. They tell the fan to get going if they aren't buying, the camera pans over to Shark Boy who says SCU has changed.

* Joey Ryan at a fan convention, people keep asking him "What happened to the blonde girl?" (Candice LeRae). Even D'lo Brown, Rosemary, Mick Foley, and Tenille Dashwood ask him. Allie (Cherry Bomb) tells Ryan he really needs to learn how to defend himself from attackers.

* Cody and Frankie give the pre-sale code for AEW's upcoming Fight for the Fallen event and it's: AEWFIGHT

* MJW talks with a referee and says he's too ugly to use on an AEW show. Sammy Guevara shows up and asks MJF if Cody doesn't like him. MJF says he thinks Guevara is a great guy, but the other guys are not fans at all. MJF says he'll put a word in, gives Guevara a huge, and puts a "kick me" sign on his back. Someone instantly kicks him. MJF bumps into Darby Allin, MJF tries to give him a hug and put on a sign on his back, too. Allin instantly removes it and eats part of it. MJF bounces.

* Matt is still stewing about Michael Nakazawa. Christopher Daniels checks on him, Matt says he's stressed about Nakazawa and Kenny blowing a big part of the budget on the upcoming Fyre Festival. Daniels offers to help him, Matt says Daniels should be the guy who picks The Librarian, Daniels say no way and they start arguing. Peter Avalon comes over and tells them they are in the other room and can hear them, he gives a super long "Shush," puts his hair down and slowly walks away. Daniels and Matt are both super impressed and think they've found their guy.

* Matt and Nick are talking about adding some more teams to the tag division. Nick shows one team from the east coast and they want to bring them in. Nick shows another team, Matt says "one of our greatest rivals ever?" Matt thinks it's too much, Nick says if they want to remain the number one tag team in the world, they need to bring guys like that in. He puts the phone down as the two walk away and continue talking. The camera pans down and we see a glimpse of The Super Smash Bros. on the phone.