Bray Wyatt Comments On Dean Ambrose Leaving WWE

On last night's RAW, Dean Ambrose's worked a match against Bobby Lashley and it was billed as his final WWE match. Lashley would eventually put Ambrose through the announce table with Renee Young checking on her husband as his final WWE TV shot.


After the show finished up, The Shield reunited again and Ambrose spoke to the crowd for a few minutes.

Ambrose said that the best thing he's ever seen in WWE was Rollins stomping Lesnar's "dumb, lunchbox head into the ground and take the title back for the boys." Ambrose then praised Reigns for beating "the s—" out of cancer. He also added that they debuted at the arena and Arn Anderson called them "two indie schmucks and a football player." Ambrose continued that a building is just a building, it's the people who fill it that matter, and took a few bows.

As noted, it's been reported Ambrose is leaving WWE later this month when his contract expires due to his unhappiness with how he's been utilized. Ambrose was not on the WrestleMania 35 card.


Earlier today, Bray Wyatt commented on Instagram about his former rival, "I'm gonna miss us trying to kill each other, more than I should. #HatfieldsAndMccoys." Also on last night's show, WWE possibly teased a Wyatt return with a laughing buzzard character.