At Impact Wrestling's United We Stand, Brian Cage was on the losing end of an eight-man tag match as Team Lucha Underground defeated him, Moose, Eddie Edwards and Tommy Dreamer.

Rob Van Dam also made his return to Impact at the event and Brian Cage took part in a media Q&A before United We Stand in which our Nick Hausman asked Cage about possibly taking on RVD.

"RVD's fantastic," said Cage. "I've had a couple of 'What if' moments that I hoped maybe would happen, but never did obviously. Now it's more of a possibility so we'll see what happens."

At United We Stand, Cage got to match up with cruiserweights as well as heavyweights in the eight-man match. He discussed being able to work wrestlers of all shapes and sizes in Impact.

"I prefer to wrestle the X-Division guys because when I started, I wasn't this size and I wrestled the style as I built my size," stated Cage. "That's why I'm able to do stuff that most guys who look like me can't do. I love working with larger guys that are as athletic and as mobile as me.

"I would have loved to have a program for the title with Willie Mack. It would have been awesome to see this era's 'AJ Styles/Christopher Daniels.'"

As a part of the heavyweight division, Cage has received a couple of Impact World Title shots this year, but came up short in both. However, he's salivating at the chance for another title shot.

"It's been a long time coming. I feel like I'm sounding like a broken record wanting the rematch," said Cage. "I feel like I should be the champion….It's time to cash in and have his ass [Johnny Impact] drop me that Impact World Championship."

This is Cage's 15th year in pro wrestling and he reflected back on the proudest moments of his career which include being able to wrestle his mentor, Chris Kanyon.

"Someone I wanted to emulate in the ring was Chris Kanyon…I got to work with him in my hometown in my own promotion. That's one of my proudest moments," Cage stated before also mentioning signing with WWE was another proud moment.

"I wanted to wrestle since when I was 10 and I guaranteed everyone at the age of 24 I'd be signed to WWE and I got my developmental contract shortly after I turned 24."

Cage is known for having one of the best physiques in wrestling and he talked about how tough it is to work out on the road.

"It fluctuates because I'm always in a different city, different area. It matters how much sleep I got, how beat up I am," Cage said of his workouts.

"I've got a video coming out on Saturday working out with C.T. Fletcher. He put me through this hellacious arm workout that's over 1,900 reps. My arms are destroyed still. Not sore but destroyed – there's severe trauma still."