Brian Knobbs Talks WWE Roster's Response To Bret Hart HOF Attack, Possible Induction For Nasty Boys

Brian Knobbs of the Nasty Boys wasn't part of the recent WWE Hall of Fame ceremony but he might as well been considering all of his ties to this year's inductees. He engaged in tag feuds with the Hart Foundation and Harlem Heat while also competing in the era of Honky Tonk Man and Brutus Beefcake.


Knobbs joined our WINCLY podcast to talk about the WWE Hall of Fame and what he thought about the crazed fan attacking Bret Hart during his speech.

"That just shows you how idiotic some fans can be," Knobbs said of the attacker before telling a story of when he was attacked during a match. He and Jerry Sags ran in during a cage match between Sgt. Slaughter and the Ultimate Warrior to gang up on Warrior. Then a fan jumped in and started attacking the Nasty Boys which didn't work out well for the fan who then got the living hell beaten out of him.

"That just shows you how much of a class act Bret Hart is and the whole Hart family that he got back up to finish off the speech and didn't let that bother him."


DH (Harry) Smith was one of the people who came to his Uncle Bret's aid and afterwards Knobbs texted Smith "Good job" to which Smith replied with a thumbs up emoji.

Knobbs then joked that perhaps the attacker should have went after one of the other inductees that night rather than Hart, saying, "I thought it was real classless. If anybody they should have attacked, it should have been like Honky Tonk Man or maybe Brutus."

The Nasty Boys and the Hart Foundation had some brutal battles in the early 1990s so Knobbs has immense respect for the team. He also credited Bret and Jim Neidhart for helping put over the Nasty Boys thanks to their WrestleMania VII match in which the Nasty Boys won the tag titles from the Hart Foundation.

"It was such an honor because it was that match at WrestleMania VII that really stamped the Nasty Boys legacy?. It turned out to be one of the greatest matches and Bret even said that was one of the best tag team matches he and Jim ever had," revealed Knobbs.

"To me, him saying that is all I need. I don't need anybody else critiquing the match or anything like that. For a guy like Bret Hart telling me that him and Jim really loved that match made me and Sags feel really good."


Another tag team that the Nasty Boys exchanged titles with was Harlem Heat in WCW and Stevie Ray joined Booker T in the WWE Hall of Fame this year. Knobbs talked about engaging in feuds with Booker T and Stevie Ray.

"They were young when we were wrestling them and we had a good run with them for over a year, year-and-a-half," said Knobbs. "It was good to see them go in as well because they've been friends with us for a long, long time. So, two tag teams that helped us and build out Nasty Boys legacy were the Hart Foundation and Harlem Heat."

With so many of his peers being enshrined into the Hall of Fame, Knobbs talked about the possibility of the Nasty Boys getting inducted into it one day.

"People say it every year, and when it comes, it will be the crowning of the icing on the cake for our legacy that we finally made it to the WWE HOF and all of the hard work we did for the last 34 years paid off," stated Knobbs.

Knobbs is the foudner of Legends of Wrestling which puts on shows featuring many of the greats from yesteryear. He talked about why he created LoW and about their upcoming show in Detroit.

"It was to bring all of my buddies together because a lot of times when we all get back together, it's sad to say, but it's when someone is passing away and it's at a funeral," said Knobbs.


"Last year we sold it out [in Detroit] and this is the second one we're having. The fans in Detroit are special and they've been through some of the best WrestleManias ever ? WrestleMania III."

Knobbs said that fathers who watched them as kids at WrestleMania III now can bring kids of their own to the event and they had a blast last year.

"It's showing the test of time and how great the fans are in the Detroit area," said Knobbs.

Brian will be promoting and appearing at Legends of Wrestling on Saturday, April 20th, at the Fraser Hockeyland Arena in Detroit, MI. Other pro wrestling legends scheduled to appear include "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair, Bret Hart, Ken Anderson and David Arquette.

Wrestling Inc's full, exclusive interview with Knobbs was included in today's episode of our WINCLY podcast. It can be heard via the embedded audio player at the bottom of this post. In it Knobbs also discusses Hulk Hogan's road to redemption in WWE, Ric Flair's surprise party, why AEW is good for the pro wrestling business, David Arquette's return to pro wrestling and more.

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