Dolph Ziggler spoke with Chris Van Vliet about appearing in this year's Royal Rumble match and when he found out WWE wanted him in the match. In the first quarter of 2019, Ziggler has only appeared in one WWE televised show (Royal Rumble) along with a handful of live events back in January. During the interview, Ziggler explained how he found out the night before WWE wanted him in the match, where he made it to the final four.

"Oh my God. That's a great story," Ziggler began. "Can I tell this story? When I talked to you, I was not booked for the Royal Rumble and I have no reason to lie to anybody or be like 'Hey listen, I don't know what the deal is.' I was just on hiatus and I got a call to be there. And if I wasn't in town for a booking for a comedy show that night I would not have even been in Phoenix. I got a call the night before saying 'Hey, you gotta get here.'"

Last month in an interview with 98.5's Wrestling Inside the Ropes, the former champ said he's "technically" still with WWE, but it's under more of a "handshake agreement." During the Rumble, Ziggler eliminated his former tag partner, Drew McIntyre, and Ziggler noted he wasn't sure if their story was officially over between the two, since he's "still just on vacation" from WWE.

"I'm not exactly sure, but it did go into it more, I don't know if that continues because I'm still just on vacation," Ziggler said. "I think it was more just I was in town and I'm one of their guys and it happened to work out so I got a double booking, double pay day, WWE and the comedy show."

Being double booked that night, Ziggler said he ran an hour late to the show and nearly did his routine in his wrestling gear.

"I was one of the last people in the ring that night and my comedy show three blocks away had to start an hour late because I was running over with sweat and my bags," Ziggler said. "I almost went in my gear but I was like I'm going to have to shower."

You can check out Dolph Ziggler's full comments in the video above.