Frank The Clown Talks Fan Jealousy Over Dating Noelle Foley, Advice Mick Has Given Him

Frank the Clown has gained a sizeable following over the years and that has only grown thanks to who he is romantically involved with. Frank is dating Noelle Foley, the daughter of Mick Foley, and he joined our WINCLY podcast to talk about being intertwined with the Foleys and why he is just so unlikeable.


"Typically those that dislike me are the ones who've never met me in real life," stated Frank. "I'm not out to please the masses by any means. I think I'm in a polarizing position and a lot of it stems from jealousy for a wide variety of reasons.

"People may be jealous of who I may be dating. People may be jealous that I have access to some of their heroes. People may not like the fact that I'm getting big spots at indie shows and they just don't want to see people succeed for the most part."

Frank's quote of "who I may be dating" was sure to set off some alarms so he then made it clear that he and Noelle are together.

"We are most certainly dating. It'll be five years at WrestleMania," said Frank.


With the daughter of a WWE Hall of Famer dating an indie wrestler, some people have some bitterness towards Frank and they are sure to let their feelings be known on Noelle's social media posts.

"If someone wants to be entertained for a couple of minutes, go ahead and click on any of her photos and go to the comments section. There is endless entertainment," stated Frank.

"I have thick skin and if you don't know the person, then you don't take it personally. Whenever she posts a picture of she and I the floodgates open. There have been more supporters as of late, which is surprising, but the majority is still wishing I fall off the face of the earth."

Frank says he gets threatened on social media all the time but it's never played out in real life.

"I'm lucky that I haven't had any confrontation which would be weird that someone would confront me over me dating someone that they can't get. It's just a weird thing," said Frank.

Noelle spent some time training for the ring and Frank revealed if there is a possibility of Noelle joining him for a match.

"I've talked to her about it, but she has other things on her schedule," revealed Frank. "She's not super-involved in the wrestling business at the moment but that's not to say there won't be an opportunity down the road.


"It's something that probably will happen in the future, but I want to make it count. For that first time with her and I together, or walking down the ramp together, I want to make sure it's a perfect show or a perfect match."

If it's not Noelle joining him, then Frank talked about the possibility of other super fans joining him.

"I don't know if they're as cut out as they may think. I've had some ideas of Brock Lesnar Guy or a couple of other guys maybe be my lackey. I know he has some interest in it, so if the right idea makes sense and I think there's a story there?I think there's an opportunity there down the line," stated Frank.

"I have so many ridiculous ideas in my head. I only have so much time in the day to try and execute them."

As for Frank's relationship with Mick Foley, Frank says that Mick has warmed up to him and is a fan of his work.

"I think he's a fan of me," said Frank. "I know he's a fan of my work on the indie scene. I've reached out to him for some advice especially with my match at Warrior Wrestling with David Arquette."

Mick gave him some advice including to cut down on his swearing and to not rush when out in the ring.

"Don't rush and kind of pick your spots and know what your role is?." Frank said of Mick's advice. "Go out there and execute your role the best you can. Understand your role and just execute it to the best of your ability. That's what I set out to do."


Frank The Clown will be participating in the Baphomet Battle Royal at Blackcraft Wrestling's "No Apologies" tonight, April 5th. The event will take place from the White Eagle's Hall in Jersey City, NJ at 11:59 pm EST and will be streamed live via FITE.

The full audio from our exclusive interview with Frank The Clown was included in a recent episode of our WINCLY podcast. It can be heard in the embedded player below. In the full interview Frank discusses how he deals with weird fan messages towards his girlfriend Noelle Foley, his transition into being a pro wrestling manager, advice Mick Foley has given him, whether he's open to doing a deathmatch, participating in the Baphomet Battle Royal, his work with Freelance Wrestling and more.

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