Before GLOW became a Netflix series, the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling was a promotion in the 1980s featuring the top women's wrestlers in the world. One of those was Lightening who, in addition to wrestling for GLOW, got to wrestle Jim Carrey when he portrayed Andy Kaufman in Man on the Moon.

Lightening spoke with Wrestling Inc. on our WINCLY podcast to talk about grappling with Carrey and why he was such a "total spaz."

"He was a total spaz. I was supposed to do a giant hair mare when he's supposed to grab me and throw me by the hair," Lightening said before adding that she and GLOW original Mondo Guerrero showed the producers the move and they thought it looked too violent.

"Then they asked me to do a dropkick and I'm like, 'Yeah I can dropkick.' So it turned into a dropkick and Gene LaBell came up to me and said, 'Make him feel it.'

"I don't know what they were discussing but he wanted to prove to them something. He starts to walk away and then comes back and says, 'But don't hurt him.' And you do not say no to Gene LaBell."

"I hit him as hard as I would a pro and it just totally whiplashed his ass. Then I had to wrestle with him for two minutes and that's how I knew he was a total spaz."

Lightening says that Carrey had no idea about timing in wrestling and he ended up hurting her elbow by falling on her when her arm was locked on the ground.

In between filming scenes, Carrey remained in character, and thus, didn't want to be called him his actual name.

"They told me to address him as Mr. Kaufman or Andy," stated Lightening. "He was into the character and did not want to be addressed as Jim Carrey.

"But it was a fun experience."

Lightening was joined on the call by a couple of other GLOW wrestlers and all three said they want Ronda Rousey to win at WrestleMania 35.

They also talked about the transition that Rousey and others make from other combat sports to wrestling.

"A lot of MMA guys switch over and start doing pro wrestling because you can only pound that aggressively for so long," said Lightening.

Fellow GLOW wrestler Hollywood added, "Pro wrestlers make the best actors. They're good and have had years of training."

GLOW originals Hollywood, Lightening and Royal Hawaiian will be taking part in 80's Wrestling Con on April 27th in Rahway, NJ. They will be signing autographs, taking photos and participating in an on-stage panel. Tickets and info for 80's Wrestling Con can be found at

The full audio from our exclusive interview with these GLOW originals was included in a recent episode of our WINCLY podcast. It can be heard in the embedded player below. In the full interview the women discuss how they feel about the renewed interest in GLOW thirty years after it's debut, the accuracy of the GLOW - Netflix series, how Vince McMahon felt about GLOW, resentment they encountered from independent wrestlers, their role in the women's revolution in pro wrestling, Lightening's memories of working with Jim Carey on Man On The Moon and more.

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