Hulk Hogan Reportedly Didn't Know Why Paul Heyman Was Coming Out At WrestleMania 35

WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan reportedly had no idea what was going on when Paul Heyman made his entrance at WrestleMania 35 during Hogan's opening segment with host Alexa Bliss.

WWE re-arranged the WrestleMania match order to put Seth Rollins' WWE Universal Title win over Brock Lesnar as the opening match, according to Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio. The decision to put Rollins vs. Lesnar on first was not made until around 5:30pm ET time.


Hogan had no idea why Heyman was walking out because when Hogan was told what to do in his segment, they still had not decided on putting Rollins vs. Lesnar as the opener. No one had told Hogan that the opener had been switched.

The Hulkster had a busy WrestleMania 35 Weekend as he also inducted Brutus Beefcake into the WWE Hall of Fame on Saturday night. He tweeted the following from MetLife Stadium on Sunday: