John Cena On Admiring Roman Reigns, More From New Sports Illustrated Story On Reigns' Comeback

Roman Reigns is featured in the latest issue of Sports Illustrated, which is available in stores now.

The article looks at Reigns' recent return from battling leukemia and the WrestleMania 35 win over Drew McIntyre. Reigns said the prayers and blessings from across the world are what saved his life.


"It was all the prayers and blessings from across the world, even from people who have no idea who Roman Reigns is," he said. "That's what saved my life."

John Cena was also interviewed for the piece. Cena praised Reigns as someone he admires.

"Anyone who fights a challenge such as that, and can win repeatedly, that's a person I admire," Cena said. "Now Roman can share his story to the world. And he's beginning to use his voice to try to help other people in his condition."

Reigns continued, "I want people to know it's the struggle that brings us all together. ... We're all fighting some battle. Someone is out there connecting with you during your fight, even if you don't realize it. If my story can somehow inspire someone to push another hour, or go through another treatment, then everything I went through was all worth it."


Below is a look at the article in SI: