If you missed the previous episode of Being The Elite, here's the recap.

* Pentagon and Fenix cut a promo in Spanish, Trevor and Arthur are behind the camera. Arthur says he wants a promo not gibberish. They end up getting kicked out of the room.

* Young Bucks enjoy Easter at home with an egg hunt, the eggs are filled with money.

* Peter Avalon and Leva Bates both find out there are two librarians, both are really confused by this.

* Christopher Daniels is without the other SCU members, so he has Kylie Rae and Penelope Ford fill in. Daniels says the "worst town" catchphrase, and Rae thinks it's kind of nice. Daniels and Ford try to correct her, but Ford then says she can't wait to get back to Philly, Daniels says that's not right either. Daniels explains the bit is about southern California being the best, Ford says the traffic sucks and Rae thinks it's expensive there, then both mention the smog.

* Adam Page gives a full gear challenge update, but can't do it, calling himself fat and skinny. Nick is watching the footage, says they can't use it.

* Cody and Brandi Rhodes are at Draft Day for the Jacksonville Jaguars. Page is in the background trying to workout. Rhodes is so bothered by how out of shape Page is.

* Matt is looking over the latest charges to the business account including $2,500 for organic salmon. Cut to Kenny Omega ordering more big ticket items for Fyter Fest.

* Young Bucks talk about getting into shape and how it's tough as they haven't had a real match since January. Where as Pentagon and Fenix have matches 3-4 times a week. Clips are shown of Nick and Matt working out and practicing lucha libre.

* Berreta calls The Bucks to find out what The Best Friends are doing on Double or Nothing. The Bucks forgot to book the team and say they will be on the pre-show battle royal. Cut to Beretta bugging out a bit and lighting up a cigarette. We then see Chuckie T. who is also smoking and says "ain't no way I'm doing a battle royal."