WrestleMania Weekend was a celebration of the past, present and future of pro wrestling. The celebration extended beyond the WWE as WrestleCon also took place in New York City over the weekend.

Road Warrior Animal of the Legion of Doom was on hand and Wrestling Inc.’s Andy Malnoske caught up with Animal where he talked about what this trip down nostalgia lane meant to him.

“This year marks year No. 35 that Hawk and I would have been together. Hawk’s been gone since 2003 so it’s kind of bittersweet,” stated Animal. “It’s a testament of time that we did something right in the business and the fans loved us. We were a product of the people?and we made it. That’s why I think our relationship with the fans is phenomenal.”

The Road Warriors were a part of many infamous matches, but one that really stands out is there Scaffold Match against The Midnight Express at Starrcade ’86. Over 30 years later Animal says that remains the scariest match he’s been a part of.

“The Scaffold Match was probably one of the worst matches I’ve ever been involved in,” said Animal. “You’re 30 feet above the ring on a three foot wide scaffold and I was 320lb?. It was wobbly and shaky and sometimes our own crew couldn’t put it up. The union crew had to put it up and it wasn’t the safest scaffold. So that was probably the most dangerous match.”

The Road Warriors won championships all over the world but Animal says there accomplishments in the big North American promotions will never be duplicated.

“Probably our biggest claim to fame is that we won the Big 3: AWA, WWF and NWA Tag Team belts and no one will ever be able to do that again. So I’ll go down in history with that fact,” stated Animal.

Hawk passed away in 2003 but Animal says he would have loved being in New York and taking part at WrestleCon. Malnoske asked Animal what Hawk would say if he was here, and he replied with his customary catchphrase.

“Well if Hawk were here now you know what he would say, ‘Oh, what a rush!’ He would have a blast. He loved New York City,” Animal revealed before telling a story of LOD being in New York for a photo shoot with Pro Wrestling Illustrated and they encountered a drunk in the subway. They could tell the guy was having a hard time so Hawk convinced Animal into each of them giving him $100 which Animal says was probably then spent on more alcohol.

“He ended up with $200 and probably went and bought $200 worth of booze.”

Andy Malnoske’s exclusive interview with Road Warrior Animal was included in a recent episode of our WINCLY podcast. It can be heard in the embedded player below. You can check out past episodes of the WINCLY here.

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