Road Warrior Animal Rips Into Becky Lynch And Tyler Breeze Over Recent Tweets

A couple of weeks ago, WWE Hall of Famer Road Warrior Animal made some comments about various Superstars that didn't go over too well. He said that Becky Lynch should back off her "The Man" gimmick and would be more believable as a white-meat babyface. Animal also said Tyler Breeze was nothing more than a "job guy" and both WWE Superstars responded on Twitter.

Becky responded to a headline reading "Road Warrior Animal Thinks Becky Lynch Should 'Back Off Of The Man Thing'," tweeting, "The first four words of your headline are a lie." Tyler Breeze responded to a tweet asking why the "old guys are so bitter", writing "Cause we all suck? Wrestling sucks? Everything used to be better? They were the best? None of us get it? See ya next Monday :)"

Animal then responded to those tweets on the latest installment of his What A Rush podcast.

"First of all, Becky Lynch needs to get over herself, first and foremost," Animal said. "When Becky Lynch can achieve what I've achieved in the sport of pro wrestling, then she can call me out. But other than that, she's not earned her stripes to call me out alright, and I just want to make that perfectly clear. I don't think anyone in the wrestling world will have any objection to that.

"Second of all Joe, you remember that article?" Animal asked his co-host. "It's funny to me how people take little tidbits of stuff and they run with it. You also heard me say in our interview that I thought she was the hottest female going today in the sport of wrestling. Did I not say that?"

"You did," replied Joe.

"Did I not say that women are stealing the show in that company," asked Animal.

"You did," replied Joe.

"Okay, so Becky, where is the compliment of saying that you're the hottest female," asked Animal. "Where's the compliment of saying the women stole the show at WrestleMania, at TLC and so on?"

Animal then said that if Lynch had the kind of stroke that he has in this business, then you can call someone out. He also said that this is the entertainment business and people have a right to have an opinion whether it's good, bad or indifferent.

"If someone wants to hang her hat on one little comment, as compared to ten positives, well then hey, I rest my case," stated Animal. "They're thinking about their own egos and not really thinking about the big picture."

Animal then responded to Breeze after he failed in his chance to win the Intercontinental Championship from Dean Ambrose on a Raw in December.

"This is for you Tyler Breeze – put your 180 pound ego aside," stated Animal. "Sorry if you don't like to hear me say that, but… you and Fandango were great together, an entertaining tag team. It's not my fault or WWE's fault that they used you guys as a couple of job guys. That's exactly what they do.

"They give you a win here or there, and then they smoke you for a year. If anyone thinks he's gonna take the Intercontinental Belt off anyone, they're sadly mistaken. There's no way they're gonna do it."

Animal then said the "180 pound thing" was a figure of speech and his point was that Breeze was best used as part of a tag team.

"I loved him and Fandango together, but without them two together nobody really knows them individually anymore," said Animal. "It would be like separating New Day and calling them by their individual names. When you get associated with a team, it's better off staying with a team. That was my point.

Just as Animal reiterated to Lynch that this is the entertainment business, he said the same thing to Breeze.

"These little people getting their panties in a bunch over this stuff is really getting old," admitted Animal. "They need to get a backbone and not get so sensitive when someone makes a comment... You gotta not take this thing way too serious. It's the entertainment business. People are gonna give you comments left and right."

If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit What A Rush with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.

Source: What A Rush


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