Ryback Says Leaving WWE Was The 'Best Decision Of His Life'

It has been nearly three years since Ryback has left the WWE, and it does not seem as if he will return anytime soon, if ever. Upset at the inequality of pay in the company, the former Intercontinental Champion voiced his frustration via a blog post. In the post, Ryback stated that he requested some time off due to the inability to find agreement on his contract. Ryback argued that talent should be paid equally, since "The winners have more MERCH as it is or are supposed to anyways so they get that extra perk."

Ryback answered a series of questions in a recent Reddit AMA session about his pro wrestling career. One of the questions posed was, "Do you regret leaving WWE?" Ryback answered, "Best decision of my life."

Regarding current WWE talent speaking up about their frustrations, Ryback stated that it is something that has to be dealt with, "but talent will be fired and lose out on opportunities for future money if they speak up." He does feel, though, that "if everyone did at once change will happen."

Regarding the decline of Q1 earnings, Ryback commented on Twitter about this situation.

"I would imagine WWE stock would fall further if those who invested truly realized how the core inner workings of the company worked. I quit investing in them after experiencing and seeing how unorganized they truly are. The talent hold that place together, that's a fact."

Ryback also provided an update on his health in the AMA, stating, "Have had 11 stem cell procedures for back and shoulder and two more in the summer. Business is my number one concern while getting healthy right now." He recently added on Twitter how this could keep him out of the ring. A fan asked, "are you in any single promo wrestling at all?" Ryback answered, "I am not wrestling at the moment. I've had 11 stem cell procedures and have two more this summer. I'm lucky I will get a second chance eventually, but right now my health and business are what I have to focus on."

The backpack stunner is a move that Ryback stated has "destroyed his back," as he used this move at live events and occasionally on television. Overall, Ryback stated that WWE was going to hold him back regardless, stating, "they were never going to let me do anything in the top spot ever, so leaving was easy."