WWE Hall of Famer Sting was at the Awesome Con fan fest in Washington D.C. this past weekend. At the event, the former WCW World Champion held a Q&A Panel with fans for 45 minutes to discuss his historic career. Lee Sanders of The RCWR Show was at the event, and noted how easily approachable Sting was as he genuinely came off as a kind human being that legitimately cared about his fans.

During the Q&A, The Stinger discussed many of the highlights throughout his career. When asked if there was any particular wrestler that he'd like to face, he named Bray Wyatt.

"Because Bray Wyatt has the personality," Sting explained (h/t to The RCWR Show for the transcription). "I like the whole Bray Wyatt thing. That would have been pretty interesting."

Sting also once again mentioned wanting to have a match with The Undertaker, but also named Shawn Michaels. Both Michaels and Undertaker last wrestled at Crown Jewel last November, with Michaels coming out of an eight-year retirement to team with Triple H to defeat Undertaker and Kane.

"Shawn Michaels isn't one of the younger ones, but I would've loved to had a match with Shawn as well [as] Undertaker," Sting said.

Sting officially retired in 2016 after suffering a neck injury during his final match with Seth Rollins in September of 2015. Sting admitted that there weren't any real plans for him following that match, and everything he was doing with the company was a one-off. He was hoping for an eventual match with The Undertaker, but said that he wasn't going to have an extended career in WWE.

"Everything that I did was a one off with WWE," Sting admitted. "I was always outspoken about wanting to wrestle Taker. And you know… [loud applause from crowd]."

Sting was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2016, and continues to be one of the most sought after superstars for signings and appearances. The former TNA World Heavyweight Champion admitted that he doesn't know why character still resonates decades later.

"I don't know, I've had so many fans say there's something about your eyes!" Sting said. "Just looking into your eyes you know? Because I didn't speak for a long time and all you could do was look at was my eyes. It was the only thing telling any kind of a story.

"It's like Vince McMahon who was quoted saying one time, "I like the idea of having Sting up here! We've never had a vigilante.' I guess the vigilante aspect of it and then nostalgia. You know you wrestling fans don't want to say goodbye to a lot of wrestlers I've noticed. Especially the older characters like my original Surfer Sting. People still say, 'Do you think you could ever do that [gimmick] again?' Like, um, no I can't pull that one off again!

"It's the relationship that they had with their uncle, brother, mom or dad. It brought families together. They practiced wrestling moves on each other. It was a relational thing that caused a bonding to happen in families. Wrestling of all things... I think this is just all part of the fire that makes that happen."