"Superstar" Billy Graham Doubles Down, Says Kofi Kingston Should Use Steroids But Not Abuse Them

As we previously reported, WWE Hall of Famer "Superstar" Billy Graham has been vocal in his criticism of Kofi Kingston being in the WWE World title picture. Last week, Graham criticized WWE for considering having a "145 pound WWE Champion."


Graham went a step further this week by advising Kingston to "start doing some steroids."

"My man, I urge you to start doing some steroids and add about 50 pounds of solid muscle to your championship body," Graham wrote on Facebook. "Vince wont care, honestly. Actually he would be quite pleased with the muscular transformation, as I predict that you young man will have the longest run as WWE champ in modern-day history."

Graham, who abused steroids for two decades, was apparently serious about his advice. He posted a follow-up on Facebook and said that he is urging Kingston to use steroids, but not abuse them. Graham's own steroid use resulted in him becoming sterile, needing both of his hips replaced and one of his ankle joints to be fused.


"So, let me address a few concerns some fans have about my advice to have Kofi bulk up a bit by using some steroids," Graham wrote on Facebook. "Please notice that I urged Kofi to use some steroids .......but never told him to ABUSE them like I did. Please notice the two WWE greats in the photos below. Cena, 16 time WWE World Heavyweight Champion appears to me to very massive.....you think he might have been a little juiced in this photo ??? Of course ...BUT.... no one is complaining about Vince's golden boy being all roided up...or did you good folks simply forget ??? And Mr. Dave Batista posing with me backstage here in Phoenix. Ya think ol Dave might be on a little juice in this shot ??? No one is complaining here again....ya all just forgot didn't you ???

"A fan brought up Chris Masters; well add Bobby Lashley to that list of guys with muscular bodies that didn't draw. Why ??? Zero F-ing charisma for both of those names that's why. There are way to many comments for me to respond to as it's Spring Break and I could use a break from all of this insanity. I just remember when I beat Bruno for the WWWF World Heavyweight Championship Title, I had to fight my way back to the locker room. I got spit on, pissed on, crapped on, hit with chairs, kicked, punched, beer thrown in my face, screamed at and called every foul obscene name you can think of. What did we see last night on Smackdown 4/9/2019 – the ring with a rainbow of balloons of all colors over it, a pile of pancakes piled up in each corner on the ring posts, and little toy cartoon graphics. With the Big E declaring, ' There will be no comedy tonight ' and Kofi thanking everyone and mentioning his lovely wife and children standing ringside.


"Grant Heller has it right when he said...' It's the era of the small man ' well I thank God above I was there during the era of the big man...because I want no part of this comedy act that is coming. S.B.G."

You can check out Graham's full post below: