The Briscoes And Guerrillas Of Destiny Trade Shots (Videos)

The Briscoes vs. Guerrillas of Destiny was initially the scheduled "Winner Take All" match at last weekend's ROH / NJPW G1 Supercard. The Briscoes would lose the titles to PCO & Brody King at ROH 17th Anniversary in March, but Mark & Jay, along with SANADA & EVIL would be added to the match to make it a four-way for the tag titles.


Tama Tonga and Tanga Loa left the event as dual champions, while The Briscoes had to deal with the invading Big Cass and Enzo right after the match ended. As noted, on Twitter, Tonga commented on what went down, "I love the fact that Enzo and Cass came and jumped the losers of our match. Ring of Honor booking at its finest."

Also, after the match Toru Yano stole the IWGP Tag Team Titles, which The Briscoes referenced in the video below. Mark and Jay wanted to make it clear they are still coming for those ROH tag championships (note: both videos are not safe for work).

"Why don't y'all boys pick those [ROH] titles up that y'all were throwin' around, realize what the hell y'all boys is holdin' and also realize that y'all done talk too much s— now," Jay said. "Gotta prove yourself now boys. Gonna have to put your money where your motherf—in' mouth is now. What hell you think this is? We dem boys. We The Briscoes, keep them belts warm, and don't be scared."


In a much more calm demeanor, Tonga would respond back to the former champs, saying they were lucky to even be in the match after losing their titles. He also let them know where those ROH titles will be.

"We're back in Japan, defending these [ROH] titles," Tonga said. "What y'all gonna do about it? We're back defending those titles, double champs, that's us, Guerrillas of Destiny. G.O.D. You guys go back to your day jobs, your nine-to-fives, scooping up that chicken s—."