Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman is back to host the latest episode of the WINCLY, which you can check it out in the player above. Our WINCLY podcast is released Tuesday-Thursday afternoon.

Today’s WINCLY episode includes:

Michael Wiseman joining Nick to break down the news of the past five days, including:

* Dean Malenko quitting WWE

* Scrapped plans for a Luke Harper feud

* WWE reportedly making a big offer to The Revival

* Lio Rush’s reported backstage heat

* The continued Superstar Shakeup

* Injury updates

Andy Malnoske’s interview with WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle

Nick’s interview with AEW Double or Nothing Weigh-In host Jennifer Decker. During the interview Decker discusses:

* Alberto Del Rio returning to MMA

* Her time training in NXT

* Going to college with Lana

* How she became the host for AEW’s Double or Nothing weigh-in

* The contrasting environments of AEW and WWE

* Why she’s not a fan of the XFL re-launch

You can check out past episodes of the WINCLY here.

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