Fatal 4 Way for the SmackDown Tag Team Titles: Rusev and Shinsuke Nakamura vs. The Bar vs. Ricochet and Aleister Black vs. The Usos

We go to the ring and Byron Saxton is back out with Tom and Graves. SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Usos, Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso, are out first. Out next comes The Bar, Sheamus and Cesaro. Rusev and Shinsuke Nakamura with Lana are out next. Ricochet is out next to a big pop. He runs to the ring as fans pop. Aleister Black is out next to join Ricochet.

The bell rings and Jey starts off with Black. Sheamus gets involved from the apron and Jey gets dumped to the floor. Sheamus and Black go at it now. Sheamus with a rolling senton. Black drops Sheamus with a boot as Rusev tags in, flooring Black with a big shot. Rusev and Nakamura double team Black now. Nakamura with a 2 count on Black. Jimmy is legal now. He takes out Nakamura to the floor and then hits a big Samoan Drop on Black. Nakamura runs back in but Jimmy unloads on him. Nakamura rocks Jey on the apron and then Jimmy in the ring. Ricochet tags, flies in and covers Nakamura for a 2 count. Cesaro tags in to go at it with Ricochet now.

Ricochet counters Cesaro and launches him with a scissors. Cesaro manages to drop Rusev off the apron and then drop Ricochet. Rusev comes back but Sheamus delivers the forearms to the chest to him as Cesaro does the Cesaro Swing on Ricochet. Sheamus delivers forearms to Nakamura next, then Jey, all on the apron. Sheamus with more forearm chest shots to Black on the apron now. Cesaro is still doing the swing to Ricochet. Fans pop for the big sequence by The Bar. Cesaro with a Sharpshooter to Ricochet in the middle of the ring.

Ricochet tries to break the hold but Cesaro pulls it back. The Usos end up down on the floor with Sheamus. Black tags in as does Rusev and they go at it. Black unloads and delivers a knee to the face. Black with a moonsault from the middle rope but Rusev kicks out at 2 as Nakamura makes the save also. Rusev and Nakamura double team Black now. Rusev with a suplex and Nakamura with a knee to the face for a close 2 count on Black as Ricochet breaks it with a Shooting Star Press. Rusev tags back in and stalks Black as Lana cheers him on.

Rusev keeps control of Ricochet now, planting him in the mat for a close 2 count. It comes down to The Bar trying to double team Ricochet int he corner. The Usos get involved to make it a five-man move. Rusev and Nakamura also join in. They hit it, everyone landing hard, but Ricochet is the only one who doesn't get dropped. Black drops Nakamura. Ricochet goes to the top and hits the big 630 on Sheamus. He covers for the pin but everyone jumps at once to break it up.

Jey tags himself in and flies off the top at Sheamus but Cesaro meets him in mid-air with a big uppercut. Jimmy levels Cesaro. Rusev decks him. Black Mass to Rusev. Everyone gets their finishers in now as chaos takes over. More back and forth between the teams. The Usos double superkick Sheamus and take him down. The Usos climb to opposite corners and hit the big double Superfly splash on Sheamus to get the pin to retain.

Winners: The Usos

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