WWE NXT "Takeover: New York": Kairi Sane Vs. Bianca Belair Vs. Io Shirai Vs. Champion Shayna Baszler

Fatal 4 Way for the NXT Women's Title: Kairi Sane vs. Io Shirai vs. Bianca Belair vs. Shayna Baszler

We go to the ring and out first comes Kairi Sane. Out next comes Bianca Belair, followed by Io Shirai. NXT Women's Champion Shayna Baszler is out next. Marina Shafir and Jessamyn Duke come out with Baszler, but she heads to the ring by herself. The bell rings and Bianca and Baszler clear the ring of Sane and Shirai. They go at it. Baszler goes for a hold from behind. They trade pin attempts and holds until Sane breaks it up. Belair runs over Sane now. Belair talks trash and taunts Sane but Sane plays back, as does Shirai. Fans cheer the taunting on.


Belair eats a double dropkick from Sane and Shirai. They send Baszler out to the floor and double team Belair again. Sane and Shirai clear the ring, then face off and stare each other down for a pop. Baszler and Belair pull their feet from the floor, tripping them. Belair and Baszler go at it now. Baszler works on the arm and stands on it. Belair ends up dropkicking Baszler. Baszler tries to pull Belair into the ring post by her hair but Belair makes Baszler eat the post instead. Belair brings it back in for a close 2 count on Baszler.

More back and forth now with Sane and Shirai taking control. Shirai with double knees to Belair in the corner while Sane has Baszler down on the outside. Shirai with a crossbody but Belair catches her in mid-air. Belair manhandles Shirai and hits a fall-away slam as Baszler runs in to break the pin up. Baszler sends Shirai out of the ring. Baszler chokes Belair from the turnbuckles now as the referee warns her. Baszler tries for the gutwrench slam from the second rope but this leads to Sane and Shirai bringing them both to the mat with a double powerbomb – suplex combo. Sane and Shirai with more double teaming on Belair and Baszler as fans cheer them on.


Shirai runs the ropes for a dive on Baszler while Sane holds her on the floor but Belair levels and intercepts Shirai in the ring for a close 2 count. Shirai comes back with a German suplex for a close 2 count. All 4 Superstars are down in the ring now. Shirai with a 2 count on Baszler. They go for and break up pins now. Sane and Shirai double team. Belair with a close 2 count on Shirai. Belair rocks Shirai and presses her high, throwing her out of the ring onto Sane and Baszler. Fans pop for Belair.

Belair brings Baszler back into the ring but can't put her away. Baszler counters Belair's finisher into the Kirifuda Clutch. Belair fights it off as the referee checks on them. Belair fights up with Baszler on her back. Belair turns this into a Kiss of Death for another close pin attempt. Belair goes to powerbomb Shirai but Shirai turns it into the X Factor. Shirai with a big moonsault on Baszler, and another. Sane breaks Shirai's pin up just in time. Sane and Shirai go at it now. Sane with an Alabama Slam of Shirai on top of Baszler. Shirai rolls to the outside. Sane goes to the top and hits the InSane Elbow to Baszler but Shirai runs in and breaks the pin up. Shirai levels Sane with a big dropkick. Shirai unloads with strikes on her best friend now. Sane counters and plants Shirai with a DDT. Sane goes to the top but Belair whips her with her hair.


Belair grabs both Sane and Shirai on her shoulders, driving them to the mat with a double Kiss of Death for a big pop. Baszler runs in with a kick to the face to stop Belair from making the pin. Baszler goes right into the Kirifuda Clutch to Belair as some fans boo. Belair finally taps out for Belair to retain.

Winner: Shayna Baszler

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