XFL To Have Three-Point Conversions After Touchdowns

Not only does the XFL want to distance itself from the AAF which lasted all of eight weeks, but Vince McMahon's pro football league is also taking steps to differentiate itself from the NFL.

XFL Commissioner Oliver Luck revealed a number of rule changes that will make the XFL look like a brand of football that fans haven't seen before.


Luck said on the PFT PM podcast that the league will have a three-tiered extra point system in which teams can score one point, two points or three points after a touchdown.

On extra point attempts, teams can choose whether to go for a one-point conversion from the 2-yard line, a two-point conversion from the 5-yard line or a three-point conversion from the 10-yard line.

Thus, a touchdown and the ensuing PAT could result in anywhere from six to nine points. All of the conversion attempts would be from scrimmage plays as opposed to kicking attempts.

"We literally have a nine-point touchdown," said Luck. "We think that's valuable because teams that historically are down by let's say three scores, well guess what, if it's a 16-point or a 17-point differential, you're really looking at a two-score game theoretically."


The league considered moving the three-point conversion to the 15-yard line, but Luck said that defenses would have too much of an advantage with that much yardage to go.

The XFL will also use overtime rules which will resemble a soccer or hockey shootout. Each offense will have five attempts to score from the five-yard line and will accumulate one point for each score. If the defense forces a turnover, then the defense would get one point.

Both teams' offenses and defenses will be on the field at the same time and lined up in opposite endzones. The offenses will then alternate during the five scoring attempts just as what happens in a shootout.

The XFL plans to begin play in 2020 and the overtime rules are currently being tested in the Spring League.