7 Jon Moxley Dream Matches Outside Of WWE

Jon Moxley is coming back to wrestle on the indies. The video that Moxley put out has some thinking that he's going straight to AEW, but we're going global. The idea of Jon Moxley on the indies makes wrestling fans' imaginations run wild. The video suggests that Moxley is coming back just as violent as ever with higher production value, a better understanding of himself, and experience on a global stage that can elevate whoever he faces. Moxley's pre-WWE promos were captivating as you can see in the video posted above. Below is a list of the top 7 dream matches Jon Moxley can have outside of the WWE. In the comments below share your favorites, names that weren't mentioned, and what type of matches you'd like to see from Moxley.


7. Sami Callahan

Sami Callahan and Jon Moxley have history together that spans over a decade in spite of the two not facing each other for 7 years. Callahan and Moxley were both in WWE as Solomon Crowe & Dean Ambrose, but Ambrose was called up to the main roster in 2012 while Crowe stayed in NXT until he requested his release in 2015. Callahan's development on the indies since has grown him a solid following and a reputation for being one of the most dangerous men in professional wrestling. His matches in Impact have resulted in serious injuries for some performers (Eddie Edwards and the baseball bat) and violent feuds with others (Rich Swann & Pentagon Jr.). These two Ohio natives will put on matches that will be the equivalent of a horror film, providing images that will stick in our minds for a long time.


6. Chris Jericho

The two had a fantastic build to their Asylum Match at Extreme Rules but the match itself felt like they were holding something back. Who could forget when Ambrose destroyed Chris Jericho's "$15,000" light-up jacket? Or the time that Ambrose put "69 TACKS!" in Jericho's back? Chris Jericho's work on the indies since then has been some of the best of his career. His character has evolved into a sadistic, violent, psychopath who will go anywhere in the world to torment his target. Hopefully these two get another chance to have the match they should have had in WWE.

5. Jimmy Jacobs

The "I Quit" Match between these two in 2010 for Dragon Gate began with Jimmy Jacobs diving from a balcony onto Moxley and ended with Jacobs stabbing Moxley in the groin. Please re-read the previous sentence and think about it. It should give you an idea of what happens when these two meet. The violence and complete disregard for human life makes their matches a must watch. It should also be noted that Jimmy worked for WWE behind the scenes on the creative team from 2015-2017, Dean Ambrose's best years in the company. Jimmy is credited by Chris Jericho for helping him create "The List" and other aspects of Jericho's character in his last run at WWE. The feud between Moxley and Ambrose won't just be violent, the two will get to create together with no constraints after having worked for the biggest company in the industry. They're in the prime of their career and can tear it up together.


4. Kenny Omega

Kenny got a 5 star match out of a 47 year-old Chris Jericho and he could possibly top it with Jon Moxley. Moxley's character is even more sadistic than Jericho and would bring out the most terrifying aspects of Omega's personality. The promos between these two could carry AEW on television for months and the matches between the two have potential to elevate Kenny to mega-star status here in the United States. There are still WWE fans that aren't familiar with Kenny Omega's work outside of a viral video or two. Moxley's Twitter account got 1 million followers in one day of being active. Moxley's WWE past will allow him to bring new eyes to one of the greatest wrestlers in the world.

3. Pentagon Jr.

The man with "cero miedo" has never faced Jon Moxley. Although he's mostly tagging with his brother, Rey Fenix, Pentagon Jr.'s matches as a singles star for Lucha Underground still stand out. Pentagon's story of breaking opponents' arms as a sacrifice to his master was brilliant and violent. Pentagon finally won the Lucha Underground Championship against Prince Puma (Ricochet) in a "Loser Must Retire" match. Pentagon's lucha style mixed with hardcore style is a perfect foil for Moxley. These two could also have a program that lasts months. Hopefully their bodies can hold up to the punishment these two would likely dish out.


2. Kazuchika Okada

Okada has been the top guy of NJPW since 2012. His popularity has waxed and waned with the Japanese fans much like John Cena's popularity waxed and waned during his long run at the top. The best way to revive the popularity of a hero is to give him a great villain. Who better to be a great villain in Japan than Jon Moxley? Jericho shocked the NJPW crowd with his aggressiveness and mind games. Jericho helped revive the popularity of Naito and Moxley could do that for Okada. Before Moxley & Okada meet, there is one man who Moxley must face.

1. Minoru Suzuki

Jon Moxley was photographed at Josh Barnett's Bloodsport on WrestleMania weekend this past April watching from the balcony. He watched Minoru Suzuki & Josh Barnett wrestle in a semi-shoot style with no ropes to a time limit draw and a standing ovation from the sold-out crowd in attendance. This had to make him want a match with Suzuki. Minoru Suzuki is one of the most terrifying wrestlers of all time and it should be Jon Moxley's goal to retire him. These two should fight all over the world in any kind of match they can get. This is the dream match we want to see and fans will travel to see it. The emotion and brutality these two men could get from one another, in spite of a language barrier, could capture the minds of wrestling fans around the world. Posted above is a full of Minoru Suzuki vs. Joe Coffey (NXT UK) posted by Defiant Wrestling.