AEW President Tony Khan spoke to the media after last night's AEW Double or Nothing and Wrestling Inc. was there to ask about CM Punk, and Khan's relationship with the former WWE Champion.

Last month a report came out that Khan had Punk on his original list of talent he wanted to build the company around. Khan confirmed he was on the list, but it included a number of people as a wrestling promotion can't be just one wrestler.

"What's a one person wrestling company?" Khan wondered. "There's not such thing. He was on the first roster when I sketched out, like, 'Hey, I want to start a wrestling company, who are all the names you're gonna get?' Everybody we got is on that list and he was also on that list, to be honest with you, but a lot of people were on that list. Most of them are here. I got almost every person I wanted."

Khan said he has a good relationship with Punk, but didn't want that to be a focal point as a lot of hard work was put into other aspect of what happened at Double or Nothing.

"I love Phil, Phil's great," Khan said. "I mean, I have a good relationship with Phil, I think he's awesome. He was not here, as you saw, I think that's not the story of the show. That would be a real insult to what we've all done to make that the story of the show."

You can see Tony Khan's full comment in the video below.

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