- The above video is the newest Canvas 2 Canvas. This time artist Rob Schamberger draws WWE Legend Andre The Giant as a monster in the vein of Godzilla and King Kong.

- FX's vampire comedy, What We Do In The Shadows shared that Batista will be guest starring on the show this week. You can watch a clip from the show below:

- As it was reported earlier, Becky Lynch may have confirmed her relationship with WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins after trading words with WWE Hall of Famers and husband and wife, Edge and Beth Phoenix. Anyway, Phoenix just wrote on Twitter that Rollins and Lynch should double date with the couple.

Her full quote was: "Aw! Relationship confirmed! Congrats Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins! Maybe one day we can double date and reminisce on old times..."

You can read her tweet below and see the photo from Rollins' The Authority past she used: