Big E has been making his voice heard even louder since being sidelined with a knee injury. Though New Day’s favorite splits performer has not been active on WWE television, he’s been lighting up other forms of media as of late.

In addition to being the Twitter response to the recent Lars Sullivan controversy, Big E called into Busted Open radio to open up about the comedic Twitter relationship between Becky Lynch’s mother ‘Mama Lynch’ and himself.

“We’ve been tweeting back and forth,” Big E said. “[Becky Lynch] very clearly approves of me thinking of her mom in this light and us possibly getting together. She even made a reference to me possibly being her new step-father. She’s grown now, so I wouldn’t have to pay to raise her. One day I’ll be able to squire [Mama Lynch] around town.

“I don’t know exactly all of her likes and needs and turn ons and turns off but I’m going to get the very bottom of all that, Mark,” Big E said sarcastically while emphasizing the word ‘bottom’.

Big E has even updated his Twitter profile to have a photo of Mama Lynch as his header photo.

Since her victorious Wrestlemania match, Becky Lynch has deemed herself ‘Becky Two Belts’ referring to the Raw Woman’s Championship and Smackdown Woman’s Championship. Big E expressed how proud he’d be of his potential step-daughter being a double champion.

“That’s something to be proud of,” Big E said. “I’m currently childless. So, if you’re gonna start with your first child, how about being a champion? It’s ready made. I don’t have to wait twenty years for her to turn into something decent. She’s already there!”

WWE Hall of Famer and Busted Open radio host, Mark Henry, cued up his old Sexual Chocolate theme song and gave Big E an opportunity to send any message to Mama Lynch.

“Well, Mama Lynch, I don’t want to beat around the bush anymore.” Big E said in a bass infused voice. ” I’ve got you running through my mind everyday like you on a treadmill – just running. And girl, you don’t quit. I’ve got a lot of time these days, a lot of free time. You’re all I think about. You’re all I tweet about. Mama Lynch, I’m coming. Don’t you worry. I’ll be there real quick.”

“And that’s all you get publicly,” Big E said. “That’s a little appetizer. I got great respect for her. The rest is between her and I. But I appreciate you putting me in that Sexual Chocolate frame of mind and passing the touch”

Big E has been off WWE television for weeks due to a meniscus injury he suffered shortly after Wrestlemania. Currently, there is no definite return date set.

You can listen to Big E’s comments below. If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit Busted Open Radio with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.