Braun Strowman spoke with The Sun about some unfinished business he has with “The Beast Incarnate” Brock Lesnar, and still wanting to become champion.

For the past two years, Strowman and Lesnar have had numerous encounters with one another, with it always ending the same way, Lesnar winning each time. Back in November, at WWE Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia, Lesnar gave Strowman five F-5s to win the vacated WWE Universal Championship, after Roman Reigns had to drop the title due to his recurrent diagnosis of leukemia.

Strowman said now that Lesnar is back and just won the 2019 Money in the Bank briefcase, that he wants to be the first one in line to finish what he started, but this time with a win against the former UFC fighter.

“Brock Lesnar is the only man that has not had the 1-2-3 after the Powerslam from Braun Strowman so he’s got one coming for him,” Strowman said. “I came here to be a champion. I didn’t come here to participate. I came here to take over and you know, it’s a goal of mine and it’s going to happen, it’s just a matter of time.”

Strowman went on to add that as a dedicated WWE Superstar, he’s realized that there have been times where he’s come up short, but he won’t give up that easily, especially for the opportunity to become WWE Universal Champion again.

“I’ve been shortchanged and come up a little short here and there but it’s not deterred me from wanting to keep fighting and scratching and clawing through the nail to get to the top of the mountain and represent this company as it should be.”

At this time, Lesnar has not come forth with who he wants to cash his Money in the Bank briefcase towards, but he will make his decision on this Monday’s RAW.