Carmella On Original Plans For Dance Segments With R-Truth, Transition To Her Current WWE Character

Carmella spoke with Chuck Carroll of CBS Sports during WrestleMania 35 Week last month. The interview was just released today and Carmella revealed that the Dance Break segment with R-Truth was originally scheduled to be a one-time thing, but it took off. She also revealed that the segment was written into their script for that night, they didn't come up with it on their own.


"We did the very first episode of Truth TV, and it just took off," she said. "It was supposed to be a one-time thing and same thing with Truth and I. We were never supposed to be a thing, and then it just took off. And that's why I just love the WWE, because you never know what's going to happen. It's so unpredictable, and you never know if things are going to catch on. And now dance break is a thing?"

Regarding the world's largest Seven-Second Dance Break with Truth at WrestleMania 35, Carmella commented on how long it felt.

"The world's largest Seven-Second Dance Break! Although I think it was 37 seconds," she said. "It was really long. I was sitting out there like, 'Oh my gosh. How long is this music going to keep playing? I can only dance for so long!'"


Carmella also won the 2nd Annual WrestleMania Women's Battle Royal last month. She said she feels so lucky because she does feel like she has such a great opportunity in WWE right now.

"It was so cool," Carmella said when asked what it felt like to lead 82,000 fans for the dance segment. "I feel so lucky, because I do feel like I have such a great opportunity with my character. I was able to win the battle royal, and then I get to go on later in the night with Truth and do our dance break and have fun. I'm loving this point in my career, to be able to just have a good time. I feel like this is the most me that Carmella has ever been. So I just feel like I'm just going out there and having fun as myself."

Carmella was also asked about her busy WrestleMania 35 week, how she has been holding up and how she deals with fatigue, and trying not to get too exhausted. She commented on the number of appearances she had related to the big event, and said the transition to her current character has been so organic.

"Oh man, it's crazy," she said. "When I think of all the things that I've done, I've had at least two or three appearances every single day since SmackDown on Tuesday, but I thrive on it. I love it. I love to be able to be here, and all of our fans from around the world are here, and I get great opportunities. I got to be on The Jimmy Fallon Show last week. It's so crazy.


"So for me, it's just been really cool, because it's something ? and I hate to use the word organic, because everyone uses that word ? but my transition to being the character I am now was so organic. I never changed anything about me. I've been the exact same character. I was just paired with R-Truth, and now people like me. So it's a lot of fun."