Charlotte Flair Says Becky Lynch Is Her Best Friend And Toughest Opponent

Charlotte Flair recently spoke with Newsday for a unique interview with a trio of young students from Walnut Street School on Long Island. You can read the Kidsday interview at this link. Flair revealed that she does have a routine she does before each match – she laces her boots up.

"Yes. So if you watch the show and you look closely, most of the girls don't wear old-school wrestling boots anymore," Flair explained. "They are the ones that come up and you lace them up. But all the guys wear them. And I like to be traditional. So before my match it takes like 10 minutes to lace those things up. So I just focus, and it's just the routine of lacing up the boots."

Flair was also asked about her best friend and what it's like to compete against them. She named RAW & SmackDown Women's Champion Becky Lynch. Flair will challenge Lynch for her blue brand title at WWE Money In the Bank on May 19.

"My best friend is Becky Lynch," Flair said. "It was very challenging fighting for the same thing because we always travel together, eat together, work out together, share everything. So when we started competing against each other, I lost that one person that I relied on. But it made me stronger in the process."

Flair named Lynch again when asked what her hardest and easiest matches were.

"The hardest was probably fighting my best friend, Becky Lynch, because we both are very competitive," Flair said. "We both wanted the same thing. It was hard not wanting to hurt her in the ring and beat her. But I didn't beat her. And then the easiest ? I don't think I had an easy match. I think the easiest part of it is walking out the curtain."

Flair was also asked who would win in a match if she faced her father, WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair. Charlotte said she would win because her Figure Eight submission is twice as good as his Figure Four submission.