Disputed Reports On If Sami Zayn's AEW Reference On WWE RAW Was Scripted

There are conflicting reports on Sami Zayn's All Elite Wrestling name-drop during the "Electric Chair" segment with Corey Graves on last night's WWE RAW.

As noted, the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio indicated that Sami's AEW mention was scripted into the show before it hit the air, but that could not be confirmed as another source said it was not scripted for Sami to say.

In an update, PWInsider reports that several sources have said that Zayn's AEW line was not scripted, and was likely something that Zayn improvised. Zayn is known to pitch his own verbiage for promos.

There's no word yet on how WWE officials responded to the line, if at all. PWInsider noted that if they have a real issue with the plug, they could have used their 15-second delay to bleep it out. It was speculated on Wrestling Observer Radio that Zayn could face some sort of consequences for the mention, possibly a suspension, if it wasn't scripted.

WWE did edit the mention out of the YouTube video for the segment, which you can see above. Below is the line from last night' show: