"Hacksaw" Jim Duggan On Charlotte Flair Carrying On Her Family Legacy, Ronda Rousey

As someone whose heyday was during the 80s and 90s, many of the wrestlers Jim Duggan competed with now have kids of their own in the industry.

Among those is Ric Flair whose daughter, Charlotte, is at the top of the WWE Women's Division. Duggan joined our WINCLY podcast to discuss Charlotte carrying on the Flair legacy.

"Charlotte's great. I've always said that maybe the second or third generation talent is that much more polished," said Duggan.

"They understood the business that much more. Now you're getting to even the third generation?I've always said WWF was my heyday where I wrestled Dusty, DiBiase and Orton. With WWE I then wrestled Dusty's kid, DiBiase's kid and Orton's kid."

Duggan said that growing up in the business is invaluable and it's apparent which Superstars have done that every time they step through the ropes.

"You just see that the more polished guys are the ones who've been in the business longer and have a better understanding of it," stated Duggan.

Speaking of carrying on legacies, Ronda Rousey is doing that for Roddy Piper despite them not being kin. Duggan talked about Rousey's transition from the octagon to the ring.

"That was a natural progression for her to migrate into pro wrestling. You're not gonna see 20-year careers in MMA," said Duggan. "It was a good move for her as she left when she was on top.

"Piper was one of my best friends and the family gave [Rousey] the blessing for the Rowdy deal. But there's only one Rowdy and that's Roddy."

The Women's Division has come a long way in the past few ways and an even longer way from when Duggan was in his prime. He discussed the current state of women's wrestling and how they're doing things that not even man did back in the day.

"They're all beautiful, young women out of magazines and stuff? The girls are very talented. The guys have stepped up the athletics and the girls now, they're doing stuff that Superfly [Jimmy Snuka] wouldn't have done that in my day," stated Duggan.

"The girls are not only extremely attractive, but they are great wrestlers and are very techninal."

Duggan talked about how competitive it is for those top spots in WWE, whether it be in the men's division or the woman's division. Having so many talented performers but very few spots means that everyone has to be their best at all times.

"If you're not carrying the ball, move. You're gone doing the indies. So, you better believe the people you see out there are the best in the world," stated Duggan.