As it was reported earlier, Sonny Kiss responded to Jim Cornette over comments from his podcast (which can be listened to in the video above). Now Cornette took to Twitter to clarify those comments that caused controversy.

In the series of tweets, Cornette blames Joey Ryan for getting people angry at him by starting the “fake controversy” that involved Kiss.

Cornette started by tweeting, “10 hours in the car today, I get out & find insufferable douchebag Joey Ryan has tried to p— people off at me by drumming up a fake controversy. So let’s get to the bottom of it, shall we?

Further, into the tweets, he clarifies, “Apparently Joey Ryan’s REAL problem is I was knocking outlaw, fake comedy play-rasslers of which he is leader of the s—– pack. If one of them is gay, I have no problem with that, I DO have a problem with silly phony wrestling that embarrasses my profession–like Ryan.”

He also went on to explain, “Since I didn’t know the guy was gay in real life, or say that he was gay on my show, or insinuate that that is a bad thing, I can’t really tell where untalented jobber Joey Ryan heard this homophobic rant.”

Below is Joey Ryan’s tweet:

You can read the whole NSFW thread from Cornette’s Twitter below: