If you missed the previous episode of Being The Elite, here's the recap.

* The Young Bucks have Brandon Cutler to their place to read voice overs for the Casino Battle Royal, but they actually signing him to an AEW contract as a wrestling and an executive content producer. Cutler calls his wife to tell her the good news.

* Outside a wrestling event, a very serious Matt and Nick talk with Jungle Boy about being in the Casino Battle Royal. They wonder if he's even old enough to get into a casino. Jungle Boy then has to pick a card to determine when he'll enter the match. Matt kneels down and Luchasaurus actually has Jungle Boy on his shoulders, they have Luchasaurus enter the match, as well.

* Christopher Daniels is in Chile and needs help doing his "worst town" bit, but doesn't have much luck.

* Fuego Del Sol tells off Sammy Guevara about how Sammy is always talking trash about him and his vlog. Guevara says that might be true in the past, but he's trying to change.

* MJF is keeping tabs on Dustin Rhodes, MJF goes in for an attack outside a gym at night, but mistakenly turns on his car lights. MJF runs up on Rhodes with a giant sword and yells as he goes to swing, but Rhodes turns and moves out of the way. Rhodes recognizes MJF, MJF denies it's him. Rhodes says the Zelda convention is down the road and MJF shakes his hand, "Huge fan, sir!"

* BTE Mailbag: Nick gets asked how many titles will AEW have? He says they want to keep things simple, and for titles to keep their prestige. "We will have a few," Nick said. Kenny Omega is asked what has him the most nervous for Double or Nothing weekend (aside from his match). Omega says he's not worried about matches at all, it's about technical things: blackouts, the wrong music being played for a wrestler, and other technical miscues. Cody Rhodes is asked if AEW will do a PPV in the UK and will ITV air weekly shows? In regards to the UK PPV, that was a yes and are planning on it. About the weekly shows, he said the fan will have to ask the "kind folks at ITV" and winks a bunch of times.

* The Young Bucks are at an airport, headed to NY for the upfronts about AEW's weekly show on TNT. Young Bucks and Cody show the tweet about AEW being on TNT. We see clips from the upfronts.

* Adam Page is still drinking that special drink at his house. Page sits to read some fan mail and gets a VHS tape. He puts it in the drawer of his desk and plays it on his computer. It's Cody Rhodes who admits to the BTE crew being the ones who set up the surveillance cameras and sent him the special drink he's been using. Rhodes says Page was already doing the work, it wasn't the drink. He tells Page to go out there and kick PAC's ass. Page says he's full gear ready and heads out of his house in his wrestling attire. Cut to Nottingham, England where PAC offers up an open challenge and talks about being undefeated for 20 months. Page makes a surprise appearance at the show to confront PAC. The match between the two will air tomorrow (5/21) at 12 pm ET on All Elite Wrestling's YouTube channel.