MLW is two years into its revival and they have made great strides since relaunching in 2017. But one thing the promotion lacks is a women's division despite having a woman in Salina De La Renta executive producing last night's episode of MLW Fusion.

De La Renta talked about MLW being a part of the Women's Revolution when she spoke to Wrestling Inc. on our WINCLY podcast.

"[MLW] doesn't have a women's division because we don't have women's titles or do the whole thing every week. But we do have some women on the roster and I think eventually it will be a thing. I'm not really sure but of course I would love to have a women's division," said De La Renta who then teased returning to the ring with MLW.

"If I ever come back to pro wrestling, I will not give my debut to anyone else other than MLW."

De La Renta then spoke about the Women's Revolution which has seen its effects in virtually every wrestling promotion over the last few years.

"I think it's awesome that women are finally being treated as not just eye candy. ...We're finally being equal here. I think it's time to celebrate, but I think it needs to stop being called the Women's Revolution and be the Equality Revolution where everyone is treated equally," stated De La Renta.

"I hope that my story inspires other women to try and pursue a career like mine because I think we need more people like me in the business."

Jim Cornette joined MLW in March and fills several roles including as a commentator and coaching up younger talent. De La Renta talked about working with a 30+ year veteran of the industry in Cornette.

"I haven't really had the opportunity to spend a lot of time with him, but we've had really fun conversations" stated De La Renta. "He has an amazing brain. I come up with different ideas to do my promos and he's like, 'How about that? How about this? I think this would be better.' And he's actually making sense so I'm like, maybe my ideas aren't as good.

"It's always good to meet someone to add a little more spice to your life."

De La Renta is known for her fancy, high-end couture bags she brings ringside. She was asked if those bags could ever come into use during a physical altercation.

"I think there are worse things that someone can do other than destroying a $1,000 bag. It would not be that big of a deal if you destroyed a bag. But if you come after my car, then that's a problem," said De La Renta.

"I really don't care. Money just comes and goes."

Salina de la Renta can be seen every Saturday night at 9 pm EST as part of MLW's Fusion on BeIn Sports. The full audio for Salina's interview with Wrestling Inc was included in today's episode of our WINCLY podcast. It can be heard via the embedded player at the bottom of this post. In it Salina discusses executive producing an upcoming episode of MLW Fusion, how she's been able to break out at such a young age, her work as a manager, business knowledge she's learned from Court Bauer and Konnan, her wild experience wrestling for Juggalo Championship Wrestling and more.

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