The WWE Universe wasn't the only one surprised at Brock Lesnar showing up to not only compete, but to win the men's Money in the Bank briefcase last week. The other Superstars in the match may have also been surprised at Lesnar's appearance as The Beast reportedly was kept hidden backstage until just before crashing the match.

Sean Waltman commented on Superstars like Ali being upset at Lesnar unexpectedly showing up to steal their shine.

"I would not blame anyone in that match for being pissed off. That they had no idea [regarding the finish] if that's true. You put this match together and you're out there risking your neck, you're doing all this sh*t, you got this finish you think is [gonna happen]. Trust me, when you're a wrestler and you do this, when you're a pro wrestler and you're in a match, this is like your canvas that you are painting your masterpiece on. You're trying for a masterpiece every time you go out there. You're trying for a Mona Lisa… and you're just about finished and all of a sudden you have no idea and this guy comes out and just paints a mustache on the Mona Lisa," said Waltman.

Nearly as big a surprise as Lesnar showing up was Bayley winning the women's Money in the Bank briefcase. She had not really been involved in a storyline since Sasha Banks went AWOL, and Bayley not only won the briefcase, but she then was victorious in her cash-in later that night to win the SmackDown Women's Championship.

Waltman talked about Bayley's shocking night with two big victories.

"It caught me off guard, and that's the thing, that's good," stated Waltman. "When you catch me off guard, that's a great thing. Because if you caught me off guard I am pretty sure you caught everyone off guard. Those are the types of things that make wrestling great, like when you get those 'Holy sh*t, oh f*** [chants].' I was happy for Bayley because there's been some struggles concerning how she's been used… and [it was] well deserved."