Yesterday we asked if you thought WWE should end the brand split after implementing the Wild Card Rule that allows four WWE Superstar to show up on the opposite brand.

In the comments those who felt they should end the brand split also noted WWE needs to work on storytelling because if it remains the same, not much would change for the fans. Many felt like a split would be a bad thing at this point as WWE has a big roster and many that actually get TV time now could easily be left in the back as WWE focuses on adding more star power to each show. The worry is the same people would be featured on WWE TV, leaving even more unhappy talent waiting in the wings.


"No, it should just be done better. They have way too many wrestlers. They just need to focus on reshaping their creative process. All these other ideas are a waste of time until creative gets better. Brand splits don't matter, who is pushed on either brand doesn't matter, nothing matters in the WWE without better creative. That is the only way the show will get more fun to watch. That and overhaul the commentary process and get rid of the lame pop music."

Wuray Wyatt:

"Ending the brand split will just lead to the overexposure of talent and less opportunities for the talent at the bottom of the hierarchy."


"If there were no brand split, Kofi would never be a world champion, the brand split gives more superstars opportunity."

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