A few days ago, Dragon Lee won his Best of the Super Juniors bout against Taka Michinoku via forfeit. Now, the field will have an uneven amount of wrestlers in it as Michinoku is officially out of the tournament due to injury.

New Japan Pro Wrestling announced that Michinoku's right foot injury from Friday was severe enough to drop him out of the tournament altogether. Michinoku was winless throughout the BOSJ tournament, competing in Block B.

As a result of the forfeit, the opponents he was going to face on May 29 (Marty Scurll) and May 31 (Yoshinobu Kanemaru) will automatically receive two points. Several tag matches Michinoku was supposed to compete in have been altered as well.

Here are the updated standings for the BOSJ:

A Block

* Shingo Takagi (14 pts)
* Taiji Ishimori (12 pts)
* Dragon Lee (10 pts)
* Marty Scurll (10 pts)
* Jonathan Gresham (8 pts)
* SHO (6 pts)
* Yoshinobu Kanemaru (6 pts)
* Tiger Mask (4 pts)
* Titan (4 pts)

B Block

* El Phantasmo (10 pts) - Holds tiebreaker over Eagles, Ospreay
* Robbie Eagles (10 pts) - Holds tiebreaker over Ospreay, Taguchi
* Will Ospreay (10 pts)
* Ryusuke Taguchi (10 pts)
* BUSHI (8 pts)
* YOH (8 pts)
* Bandido (6 pts)
* Rocky Romero (6 pts)
* DOUKI (2 pts)
* Ren Narita (0 points)