- We see what led to Sami Zayn replacing Braun Strowman in tonight's men's MITB match. Triple H is on the phone backstage when Sami comes in. Sami says they have a big problem - Strowman. Triple H shuts him up and says Braun has been banned from the building. Sami still wants some protection but Triple H tells him to go put his fists up.

- We see Rey Mysterio backstage with his son Dominick.

WWE United States Title Match: Rey Mysterio vs. Samoa Joe

We go to the ring and out comes Rey Mysterio. WWE United States Champion Samoa Joe is out next as we see Dominick backstage watching.

The bell rings and Joe goes right to work on Rey's leg with kicks. Some fans chant for Joe as he keeps control of Rey. Rey fights back with speed. Rey comes back and hits the splash to drop Joe. Joe comes back and works Rey over. The senton from the top apparently busts Joe's nose open. They go on for a few minutes until Rey pins Joe out of nowhere for the title change after countering a powerbomb attempt.

Winner and New WWE United States Champion: Rey Mysterio

- After the short match, Joe and Rey are both shocked. We see Dominick backstage celebrating. The referee hands Rey the title at ringside and he's still shocked. We go to replays as Rey's music hits. Graves insists Joe's shoulder wasn't down. Cole agrees. Dominick comes running down to celebrate with his dad. Joe suddenly attacks Rey on the ramp and runs him over. Joe keeps the attack going and brings it in the ring, hitting an Uranage. Joe turns his attention to Rey's son now, who watches from ringside. Joe drives Rey into the mat again and hits a big senton as Dominick watches from ringside and fans boo. Joe walks off while Rey's son checks on him in the ring. A bloody Joe watches from the stage and heads to the back as Rey's music starts up.

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